Bakery Technologist

My name is Ryan and I have been with Warburtons for 4 years and joining was the best decision I’ve ever made! I started out as a Trainee Test Baker at Head Office progressing to Test Baker and then most recently, Bakery Technologist.

A Bakery Technologist provides technical support to the Bakeries, ensuring that we produce the highest quality products. No two days are the same. My role can range from evaluating ingredients to supporting the implementation of new equipment.

Throughout my career here I’ve been well supported both technically and for my own personal development. I feel valued and given the tools to succeed. During my first year at Warburtons went to Canada to support the Canadian wheat assessment program. Over there I baked with a variety of flours and gained a greater appreciation of how much work goes into sourcing some of the Canadian flour we use today.

I didn’t realise the amount of effort and number of people it took to produce a Warburtons loaf of bread - like my favourite - the 800g Toastie loaf. It’s such a versatile and understated product.

"I've been well supported - both technically and personally"
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