Developing our people
Training Warburtons future Bakers, Team Members & Managers.
Training & Development

Nobody becomes a master baker overnight. Or a HR Manager, Accountant or Driver for that matter. Training and development is at the heart of our business. We can’t deliver quality products unless our team is of a similar quality. Our programmes for learning and development are highly respected and world-class. We empower people to make choices and do the right thing. This comes from knowing your role inside out, innovating and seizing the potential to learn more.

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Development Programmes

We are proud to have won awards for our talent management programmes and practices. Developing your career is an ongoing process – we need people who embrace change, take control and make sure their career is going the way they want it to, both professionally and personally. They are in the driving seat, but we’re right beside them.

Personal development of each and every employee is in our plan and is a priority for us.  Alongside skills development, our management and leadership programmes are recognized throughout the company as being ‘best in class’.  Those who aspire to or are joining in a management and leadership role will be able to access and benefit from a wide range of development offerings.

Key to our commitment is to ensure that our people are growing to the best of their abilities.

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Everyone Engaged

To achieve our vision to be Britain’s best food business, we need to be as great a company on the inside as we are on the outside. ‘Everyone Engaged’ is an essential part of our Lead for Growth strategy. It’s about creating a workplace where people want to be and are proud to work.  We seek feedback through our engagement surveys and pulse checks.

Success Factors

Our people are like our family at work and, like every strong family, we share the same values, have common goals and support each other to achieve. Our values guide our decisions and our Success Factors, provide a guiding framework to the way we work. From recruitment and selection to recognition and reward, they play a vital role in shaping Warburtons future.

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Home Grown Talent

At Warburtons, we’re proud of our homegrown talent. For over 130 years, our amazing people have taken us from strength to strength.  We’re growing, we’re making innovations that will keep us way ahead of the competition, and we want Warburtons people to grow with us.

Our goal is to ‘home grow’ our talent where possible and have a strong and healthy ‘talent pipeline’, which won’t be exclusive to a few but will very much focus on all those doing a great job for the Company.

Warburtons needs exceptional performers who want to stay in their current role, as well as those who will be our senior leaders of the future.  Our definition of talent is inclusive, we see ‘talent’ as being anyone who makes an important contribution to the company

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