Team Leader Bakery

Hi I’m Chris, Bakery Team Leader. I’ve been here 15 years this year. I’m responsible for 5 operatives, their welfare, performance and what they do day to day. Then beyond that, I also have full responsibility for targets, any losses, material use. You could say I’m in charge of the dough - and you’d be right!

I’ve worked for other Bakeries in my time but I can tell you now, no other has so much pride in it’s products and people than Warburtons. Typically I’d start most days at 6am and supervise a changeover of product. This involves meeting with my night shift counterpart, then making all the necessary changes for moulders, tins and setting up the computer to complete the operation. Once production has started I’m responsible for measuring quality, addressing any issues surrounding performance and checking over the production and people on my team.

Quality is so important to me and the business. It’s in my DNA! I love the fact that when people say “I only ever buy Warbies toast” - I say “I make that!”. Bread making is a marvellously involving business… Our product is quite literally ‘alive’ due to the yeast within it. And a 5 minute stoppage has the potential to lose the business 18,000-25,000 units, so there’s no margin for error. It’s a responsible job, but one I love.

"You could say I'm in charge of the dough"
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