Get to know how we became such a great business to work for.

A Little about us


At Warburtons, family is at the heart of our business. Five generations' worth of expertise that goes into making our bakery products allows us to continue a tradition of baking inherited over the past 140 years plus.


Warburtons is the largest bakery brand in the UK, but that doesn't allow us to rest on our laurels. We are pioneers of the industry and ambitious market leaders, always seeking to challenge ourselves and convention.


It is part of our philosophy to provide honest good sense on issues of health and well-being, helping the whole family to enjoy our products as part of a healthy, balanced diet, through a range of products to suit all meal occasions, lifestyles and tastes.

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Warburtons History


It’s amazing how a twist of fate can lead to a household name. Warburtons started out not as a bakery - but as Grocery business. It wasn't until 1876, during a slump in the grocery market, that Ellen Warburton started baking bread. Ellen's first batch of four loaves of bread and six cakes sold out in under an hour! Within two weeks the tiny shop in Bolton was renamed 'Warburtons the Bakers' and continued to go from strength-to-strength over the next 140 years…

We now have the fifth Generation of Warburton at the helm and Ellen wouldn’t recognise the national business she sparked! The small family baker has grown to become a family of 4,500 people across bakeries and depots that stretch from Aberdeen to London and Devon. Every day we bake over 2 million bakery products and deliver to over 18,500 customers.


Over a quarter of all bakery products consumed in the UK are ours and we continue to grow. A journey that has been founded on innovation, quality, the highest standards, and never settling for second best. We’re a proud business. Proud of our heritage, our family, our products and most of all - our people. We’re one of the Sunday Times best 30 big companies to work for. We’re renowned as a place where people can grow with us and reach their full potential, making their mark.  For nearly a century and a half we’ve been the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to delicious bakery products, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.