Our Manufacturing Teams consists of Bakery production, Engineering, and Hygiene. Just because we produce millions of loaves, doesn’t mean that every batch isn’t prepared with love and care. The huge number of Bakery Operatives, Team Leaders and Team Managers are in-place to ensure that our quality products taste amazing and are prepared with skill. It’s a great job, a teamwork job where everyone's important and rewarded for the important part they play in the continued success of Warburtons.

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Bakeries operate 24/7. Which puts great emphasis on things working smoothly, no plant downtime and any updates and installations going smoothly. Our engineers are the best! They understand our machinery and way of working inside-out. We’re always on the lookout for new members to our team and offer a number of fantastic rewards to our employees.

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Our Hygiene teams are critical to the smooth and efficient running of our plants whilst meeting all legal and company requirements for employee health & safety and food safety. They work in conjunction with our Centre Food Safety team to manage the implementation and adherence to food safety and hygiene systems at bakery.

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Operations Leadership

We strive to be “Britain’s Best Food Business”. To ensure this success, we need the best senior leadership. From our Regional Operations Directors, to our site General Managers and their leadership teams, we employ and develop people who have a passion for quality in everything they do, who continually look to develop themselves and others, who can lead innovation and change in a sensitive way whilst operating safely in a volume fast paced manufacturing environment.

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Distribution, Depot, Warehouse and Drivers

Getting products to our customers is a mammoth task. Some of it is automated, everything is controlled, but it still relies on teamwork, hard work and skill to ensure that we pick it, pack it and ship it out in the best condition to customers.


You’ve probably seen our lorries on the go. We have a huge fleet that keeps our customers fully stocked - from big supermarkets to the corner shop. Drivers are not just there to ensure everyone gets their loaf on-time. Drivers are also the ‘face’ of the company - the people our customers see most. So as ambassador for Warburtons, we need drivers that have personality, are passionate about service and love meeting people.

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The core of the business - where quality products are made, bakeries are maintained and all our lovely stuff is taken out to our customers. In order to make our products as fresh as they can be, we have a network of Bakeries that produce fresh and deliver fresh every day.